How To Tell If Your Richmond Home Has Good Solar Potential

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Solar energy is well-known as one of the most versatile and effective clean energy options available for homeowners. Most homes are eligible to install solar panels, but solar isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. There are instances where solar energy will not be a good option for your home.

This is where a solar consultation comes in. Before installing a solar panel system on your home, you’ll want to consider whether your home has good potential for solar production. Nothing beats an in-person consultation with an expert.To learn more about what gives your home good solar potential, check out the list below!

1. How much is your typical electric energy bill?

First, it’s important to consider the amount of electricity that your home uses monthly to know whether solar panels can effectively power your home. While solar panels are a great way to supplement your energy use and save on your electric bills, you don’t want to add solar panels that you might not need if you shore up the energy efficiency of your home beforehand. After all, no one runs their air conditioning with their windows open!

If this is the case, there are steps you can take. The Pink Energy SMARTPWR360oTM package includes a suite of energy-saving upgrades that can reduce your home’s overall electricity use. You want to use all the clean energy that your home produces as wisely as possible!

2. How much sunlight does your roof get?

Your solar panel system can’t produce energy without sunlight. Most homes receive enough sun daily to produce effective amounts of electricity, but if your roof is largely shaded, it’s possible that your system won’t be able to harvest enough sunlight to generate effective amounts of electricity. However, a solar expert can provide insight on how effective placement, angling and installation can make solar panels work for your home.

3. What kind of shape is your roof in? 

Solar panel installation does not damage your roof if done correctly. However, if your roof is already damaged, it’s possible that repairs will be needed in order to install a solar panel system. This is a cost consideration that you might need to take into account before you make the decision to go solar. A damaged roof can cause problems, so fixing it for the sake of your solar panel installation isn’t a bad idea!

Discover Your Solar Potential With Pink Energy

If you’re considering going solar, there are plenty of factors that can impact the production of your solar panel system. If you’re wondering whether solar will work for you, contact us today! One of our solar experts will be happy to evaluate your home and energy needs and offer you an estimate on how a solar system will work for your home.