Solar Production In Richmond, VA

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Your solar panels won’t necessarily receive the same amount of sunlight all year long. Long summer days with bright sunshine usually mean increased solar production. In contrast, shorter winter days may limit the amount of sunlight available for capture by your solar panels. Richmond homeowners may be interested in how they can use solar energy to power their homes, no matter the season, with Pink Energy’s American-made, high-output solar panels. 

What Do Solar Panels Need To Create Solar Energy?

While solar panels require sunlight to produce solar energy, they don’t necessarily need direct or high-intensity sunlight. Even on cloudy or wintry days, your solar system can generate solar electricity to be converted for use in your home. Like most electronics, solar panels are actually work better at lower temperatures. As long as your solar panels remain clear of debris and precipitation buildup, production will continue.

To keep your solar panels working efficiently, we recommend hiring a professional to address any buildup once or twice a year. While rain will cover most of the cleaning of your solar panels, a professional can remove tougher residue from your solar panels. This is often especially important for homes in drier locations with limited rainfall, as well as homes with flat roofs that may impede runoff.

Help Your Solar Energy Go Farther

Beyond your custom solar panels, Pink Energy offers additional products that can maximize the benefits of solar energy in your Richmond home. Even with fewer hours of sun or limited high-intensity sunlight, homeowners can still power their homes with solar energy. 

SMARTPWR360°TM Package 

Reducing your home’s energy consumption through energy efficient products means you potentially need less solar electricity to power your appliances. With Pink Energy’s exclusive package of energy-efficient products, you can incorporate energy-saving upgrades in your kitchen, bathroom, living spaces and even your attic.

Pink Energy Backup Battery

Connecting a backup solar battery to your solar panels gives you the option of building a solar energy supply for later use. With the Pink Energy backup battery, Richmond homeowners can choose from four battery modes to store energy produced by their solar panels. This stored energy can be used to power parts of your home during a power outage, or to help cover days of limited sunlight or overnight, when your solar panels are not producing solar energy. 

Join the Solar Movement in Richmond!

Richmond homeowners can own their power with a custom solar panel system from Pink Energy. Interested in learning more about how solar energy can power your home, no matter the season? Contact Pink Energy of Richmond to discuss your solar options with an industry expert.